30 days, 30 haiku poems

I found in a book I read recently this great idea of writing each day a Haiku poem for 30 days as a meditation practice. I thought I’d give it a try.

Today was the last day of this exercise and what I learned in the process was that:

  1. Because of its structure (5/7/5 syllables), haikus make you focus on the essence
  2. Focusing on the essence makes you present
  3. Being present deliberately is refreshing
  4. Making a habit of being present deliberately every day brings a healthy structure into one’s life
  5. I like writing haikus (although I wouldn’t say I’m great at it) 😀

It was a really great and fun experience and I do encourage you to try it for yourselves. As for me, you can access the page of the project here or browse through the stories to see the result. 🙂

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