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DEADLINE: Between PREcrastination and PROcrastination

Procrastination and pre-crastination can be seen as the opposite extremes of the “delivering tasks on deadline” axis. Yet, while procrastination has been studied thoroughly in the past 30 years, pre-crastination has been discovered only recently (the term was first coined in 2014), thanks to the experiments of David A. Rosenbaum, Lanyun Gong, and Cory Adam…

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Reflections on identity

– Essay – Throughout history, two major opinions have been noted regarding identity. The first refers to identity as an inherent construct in the human being yet to be discovered. The second argues that identity is formed and it is constantly redefined by interacting with the Other and depends on the context (Hall 1992, cited…

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The unintended effect of “I do what I can”

To me, “we do what we can” has always sounded like an invitation to maintain a sort of balance, especially in critical situations. I found it quite soothing hearing it from my work colleagues, as a reminder to not overdo it. That until I realised it might have actually led me into a mental trap.

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The Power of the Past

Why is it that we humans keep revisiting the past? Why do we go there even when the destination is a painful one? Why do we tend to romanticize it so much and convince ourselves it was better than the present or the future, even when the evidence says clearly otherwise?

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