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Here I write about tips I learned and applied for being more productive, from building habits and dealing with precrastination and procrastination, to apps I use and recommend.

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One way trip to productivity – part I

Being an impulsive adventurous person I tend to have a chaotic approach to doing anything. Whenever I am enthusiastic about something (which is “business as usual” for me) I dive right in and get so immersed in the activity that I lose track of time. “Not a bad thing!” you might say, or “Good for you, you’ve found the flow state!”. Well, here is where it gets tricky…

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One way trip to productivity – part II

In the first part I talked about how gaining clarity about my life has helped me establish healthier habits, such as working with my natural rhythm and planning the creative work first in the morning (if you haven’t read the first part yet, you can find it here). Other techniques that helped me make better use of my time and energy…

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DEADLINE: Between PREcrastination and PROcrastination

Procrastination and pre-crastination can be seen as the opposite extremes of the “delivering tasks on deadline” axis. Yet, while procrastination has been studied thoroughly in the past 30 years, pre-crastination has been discovered only recently (the term was first coined in 2014), thanks to the experiments of David A. Rosenbaum, Lanyun Gong, and Cory Adam Potts. This article aims to…