The WHO, the WHAT, and the WHY

Once upon a time, there was a lively young girl who loved to play as much as getting things done. She loved going to school very much, but hated homework since it was taking up her play time. She was an A student and also very talented at singing and sports. She had so many options but no vocation whatsoever. She wanted to know a little bit of everything so she chose her university studies based on their curricula, regardless of the job opportunities afterwards.

She trusted the process and felt that, if she liked what she did, worked very hard, and kept a positive mindset, opportunities would arise. And so they did. But while she loved being a responsible adult and achieving great things as a professional in her field, she was also very sad because she didn’t have as much holiday time as in the school days. She told herself it was time to grow up, learn and evolve as much as possible. And, for a few years, she even sacrificed her spare time for that goal. Five years went by and she had managed to grow professionally beyond her imagination. Yet she felt a lack of purpose.

She decided it was time for a change. She started a second master’s program and made a leap into freelancing. That first year, while enjoying being a student again into a completely new field of study, she also engaged herself in a lot of inner work, reflection, and relaxing activities. Freelancing suited her a lot. She was the owner of her schedule and she had time for so many other things she wanted to learn and enjoy. But while she had finally found the HOW, she was still struggling with the WHAT. She felt close, but not there yet. Five more years passed by trying to figure out her life purpose, but it wasn’t until she stopped looking, that purpose found her.

This is my life story. My name is Adina Grigoroiu and I am an adventurous lifelong learner that loves to share.

In the last 10+ years, I have been a project and portfolio management practitioner, a trainer and consultant, a speaker at national and international events, an Anthropology graduate, a Neuroscience enthusiast, a vocalist in a rock band, a content creator, and a Camino de Santiago pilgrim. I engaged in everything with the newbie enthusiasm and the desire to enjoy the process while doing my best for great results. Understanding the “how” of human life is what really fascinates me and I am always eager to share the helpful insights I learned and tested myself.

This website is where I share my curiosities, reflections, learnings, passions, struggles and victories that have helped me grow as a human being, both personally and professionally. Some articles have an academic tone, others are more personal. Sometimes words inspire me to create visual images, and other times I like to share the most pragmatic insights into a course format.

Whether or not you will find anything useful on the website, I promise to do my best in keeping everything well organized so that your time here is spent in a productive and meaningful way. 🙂