Welcome to the teaching and learning space!

I love to study and one of my favorite formats is self-paced learning through reading and online courses. For many years, Coursera has been my favorite online learning platform and I really recommend it if you are interested to learn from top universities and obtain a certificate at the end of the course. However, more recently I discovered Skillshare and fell in love with the community. After following a few classes as a student I decided to become a teacher also. It has been an incredible journey so far and I hope you will be part of it too.

Are you Procrastinating or Precrastinating? Let’s exploit them productively.

I have struggled with pre-crastination (doing tasks in advance) ever since I was a child and “discovered” procrastination (postponing tasks) during my academic studies. Although these behaviors might be useful sometimes, they can be very harmful to oneself and the people around when chronic. In this 37 min class I address some of the neuropsychological aspects behind each of these habits and my top tips and tricks that have helped me be more productive in spite of them for the past 4 years. Chances are you might find something useful too.

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