Farewell, dear 33!

I remember feeling right from the beginning that it would be a special year. I wanted it to be about joy and authenticity, and in many respects it was. I started writing more frequently, created more content in various forms, explored new hobbies and made a career change. It was a year about healing, regrouping, spending time with my family, as well as saying goodbye (my grandfather and two childhood friends passed away this year).

At 33 I learned a lot about compassion, about patience, faith and trust, about the power of focus driven by constraints, about the magical inner child, about parenthood, about the value of time and acceptance, about sorrows and wonders, sacrifice and rewards, and about my new self. I now know that:

  • it’s ok if it’s not perfect, showing up and working on improvement is more satisfying,
  • small rituals and healthy habits are the foundation of adaptability,
  • I am more productive working with constraints than I am without,
  • I don’t have to save the world, I have to live a sustainable life myself,
  • my identity is equally subject to discovery and creation, and
  • I can achieve more than I let myself try before.

I am really grateful for the wild and enriching journey of 33. It has been filled with fun and challenges, noise and silence, lightness and burden, anxiety and peace of mind, and I wouldn’t trade any of it.

Farewell, dear 33!

I am ready for 34 now and I welcome it with enthusiasm, a light heart, and faith in the new path that lies ahead. I am certain it will lead me to where I need to be.

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