I have come to love bad weather

I was always a sun loving person. I was always at my peak during sunny days. Contrary to what might be the norm, I never felt like going out during sunny days. Instead, I loved working on whatever needed a fair amount of energy: planning, creating, or delivering trainings. I was in a good mood and thus willing to tackle difficult tasks.

But for several weeks now I have found myself imagining waking up in rainy or snowy days and enjoying them. I see myself working at my laptop near the window and not being disturbed by the rain or the dark sky outside. Ironically, it reflects this precise moment as I am writing this post. Somehow, a gentle feeling of being protected fills me. There is a sense of huge potential in this state of nature. The rain cleans the air, the clouds invite me to be patient and enjoy the stillness. Only the restless wind seems to be bringing news from elsewhere. “Let them come”, I say to myself. I am ready.

Have I changed?

I must have.

Is this a sign that life has finally tamed my inner restlessness? Have I become more patient, steady, and cautious? Or is the mould finally starting to take shape after so long in the fire?

I don’t know yet. I’ve just come to realise it and I feel like this new-found (or should I say “new-shaped”?) way of being is still in the making. What I do know is that it’s fascinating, somewhat thrilling, and natural at the same time.

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